Thursday, 23 February 2012

Super-Duper Dudley! by Sue Mongredien & Caroline Pedler

Dudley is a huge show off. He especially likes to flaunt his talent at performing daring tricks in front of his little friend Bonzo and is certain he's the only megastar in the village. Then he hears Bonzo playing the piano and receiving a lot of attention from their friends and gets a bit jealous. Determined to prove he is STILL the only megastar in the village he puts together a plan, after all if Bonzo can play the piano, he can do it better right?

This book reminded me so much of my son when he was younger and wanted to be the best at everything, usually taking a small dent to his pride in the process. It made me smile.

Dudley is a show off, but a pretty adorable one at that. I read it with my seven year old, Lucy, who was probably a little bit old for it but enjoyed none the less, with plenty of incensed face pulling at Dudley's boastful antics. The message is of course that we're all good at different things and all deserve a chance to shine and this is put across gently and simply. I loved the illustrations and the way the text changed to fit in, going from small to large, curling across the page and even changing fonts.

Super-Duper Dudley is cute story which young children will easily identify with and gorgeous illustrations to pour over.

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