Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cuddle Bear by Claire Freedman & Gavin Scott

The simplest ideas are usually the best ones and that's certainly the case with Cuddle Bear. Everyone needs a hug now and then, and Cuddle Bear is happy to help out...whether you're the fiercest lion or the tiniest mouse.

We love rhyming books in this house and after having a go myself at writing children's stories in rhyme (and failing miserably to get passed the first sentence) I'm always in awe at authors who pull this off. What makes Cuddle Bear a winner is the easiness and simplicity with which it's achieved.

There's only a couple of lines per page and it's got that sing-song feel that's a joy to read aloud and kids love joining in with. This one is ideal for very young children and would make a perfect bedtime story although my seven year old, Lucy, loved it too. I almost wished she had a younger sibling to read it to. The illustrations aren't particularly original but are appealing and Lucy was in heaven cooing over the cute animals. I see Cuddle Bear as one of those books that will be pulled out again and again. A real comfort book.

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