Thursday, 19 January 2012

Which is your favourite Julia Donaldson book?

Julia Donaldson is a picture book superstar, but I only realised recently that we hardly have any of her books.

Monkey Puzzle is a huge favourite and has been since our 7-year-old was a baby (plus it's one of the books I always buy for friends' new babies). We also love Night Monkey, Day Monkey and The Gruffalo, of course, but they're the only Donaldson books we own.

A while ago, I noticed a chat about her books on Twitter and someone - I think it may have been the comedian and writer Chris Addison - said his favourite was Charlie Cook's Favourite Book. That one hadn't been on my radar at all, so I picked it up next time I was in a bookshop and it's wonderful, particularly since it's a book about books and the joy of reading.

There are still more than a few gaps in our Donaldson reading though, so I was wondering... which one's your favourite?


  1. Charlie Cook is one of our favourites, as well as a Squash and a Squeeze.

  2. We do love Gruffalo and Monkey Puzzle, but I think our favourite would have to be What The Ladybird Heard. It has a little ladybird on every page that is raised and glittery, so you can feel for it. Some you can see easily, some are teeny tiny and you run your hand all over the page to find it. The story is very funny too, about the farm yard animals foiling two crafty robbers from stealing the farmers prize cow. Usual Julia Donaldson rhyming style.

  3. We've got What the Ladybird Heard and I didn't even realise it was Julia Donaldson! How thick am I? I've only read it once - to Joe - and he didn't like it. Will try it again now you've reminded me.