Tuesday, 31 January 2012

The Talent Show by Jo Hodgkinson

Guest post from Cara Donovan of Freckles Family

It’s lovely to find a book in the library that is so popular with my two year old, he doesn’t want to return it.

I think the initial attraction to The Talent Show was the animals on the front. Animals and dinosaurs are what he is constantly thinking about. What I really liked was the rhythm of the rhyming couplets, it reminded me of Lynley Dodd’s Hairy Maclary.

The Talent show features four friends, Snake, Bear, Lion and Crocodile who decide to enter their band into a talent show. They are a great band, but with no singer amongst them, they feel lacking. A tiny red bird is keen to join them, but he is laughed at by the band as they tell him he’s too small. 

After putting up audition notices, they are disappointed with all the singers, until, a tall, mysterious stranger dazzles them. He turns out to be someone they have already overlooked.

A great story with a lovely moral message. The illustrations are colourful and fun and easy for a toddler to follow along whilst the story is being read.

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