Tuesday, 24 January 2012

No! by Marta Altes

Oh I'm such a sucker for a retro illustration, you may have noticed that by now. I spotted this cover across the children's department in my local (ish, only 45 minutes away, sigh) bookstore and scooted straight over to have a look.

It's the simple story of a dog who thinks his name is 'No' because that's what his family are always shouting at him. He then demonstrates precisely why, as he drags them on his lead, pinches their food off the table, digs holes in the garden... all while thinking he's helping and being a 'good very good boy'.

It is such a simple idea, that I kicked myself for not thinking of it first, but I was also totally won over by 'No' (I won't reveal his real name...), who is just adorable.

It's a fantastic book to read with a toddler who may well be just as familiar with the word 'no' as the star of the story and is more than happy to shout it out on every page.


  1. Great find - I'll have to get this for my illustrator husband!

  2. I've got to get a look at this book! Just heard about it in a book called Children's Picturebooks. It looks like such fun!