Thursday, 26 April 2012

Quack Quack Moo, We See You! by Mij Kelly

I found this book in the library and it's been a massive hit with all of us.

Poppa Bombola knows he's put his "darling daughter" somewhere safe, but he just can't remember where. From the first page, the reader can see that his daughter is in a baby carrier on his back, but he's unaware of this and so turns the farm upside down looking for her, asking the animals in turn "I know I put her down somewhere, so where's my darling daughter?"

My 3-year-old, Joe, loved that he knew where the child was and the daddy didn't. From the first page, he was pointing and shouting "She's THERE!"

It's great fun to read and we've even started to sing the refrain. As a parent, I particularly liked the fact that no mother is mentioned, the father is looking after the daughter alone and even though he can't quite remember where the child is, it's clear that she really is precious to him.

Great fun (as are the illustrations by Katharine McEwen).

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