Friday, 16 March 2012

Where is Fred? by Edward Hardy & Ali Pye

Hey, you! Yes, you reading this! I'm Gerald the crow and I'm looking for a lovely, fluffy white caterpillar called Fred. Have you seen him? I want him for my lunch! You haven't? Are you sure? Then...Where is Fred? Follow Fred the fluffy white caterpillar as he outwits Gerald the Crow, in a scintillating new take on the much-loved hide-and-seek theme. 

Poor Gerald is not really the cleverest of crows.  He spots little fluffy caterpillar Fred going about his daily business of relaxing and eating leaves and decides that Fred will be his lunch.  But Fred is fast and clever and uses all manner of mad devices, like hiding in plain sight, to prevent himself from being eaten.

A fast and sweet read, Edward Hardy has given us a clever new hero in Fred and a rather hapless villain in Gerald the Crow.  Although, of course, I was hoping Fred survives, it's poor Gerald who has all my sympathy. Being unobservant and a bit unperceptive has cost him a good meal and probably made him the laughingstock of his crow buddies.

Wonderfully illustrated by Ali Pye, she had her work cut out for her to show us the mad schemes Fred comes up with to hide in plain sight.  Creative and clever, I'd recommend Where is Fred? for younger readers, maybe 1 to 3 years old, as the story is not very involved, but exceedingly sweet.

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