Thursday, 15 March 2012

Gorgeous! by Caroline Castle

I thought I'd feature an old favourite today because I've read it so many times lately.

Gorgeous! by Caroline Castle & Sam Childs was one of Harry's favourite picture books, and recently I read it to Joe and he adored it too. Now Joe is not the most enthusiastic picture book audience and I usually have to offer him at least twenty books before he finally plumps for one about fire engines (with a siren button), but Joe has actually started requesting Gorgeous! every night.

And I don't mind, because it's enormous fun to read. It's the story of Little Zeb who is born at the start of the book after Big Zeb goes behind a bush and says "Ouch!" (at which I always allow myself a wry smile...). Big Zeb tells Little Zeb that he's "Tip Top Gorgeous", but when Little Zeb gets left behind and meets a lion, he doesn't realise that all animals aren't as gorgeous as he is, particularly not hungry ones. Luckily Big Zeb is soon on hand to kick the lion's bottom and send him on his way. It's the bottom kicking and the accompanying "Vamooooosh!" that has Joe in stitches every single time.

Little Zeb learns that some things are "Gorgeous!" some things are "Not gorgeous" and other things should be avoided altogether "Danger!" but at the end of the book, he's snuggled up and happy with his Big Zeb and all is right with the world.

Tip top.

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