Friday, 25 November 2011

We *heart* penguins

Have you been watching the BBC series Frozen Planet? We've all been loving it and the biggest hit in this household has been the penguins. Particularly the penguin who pinched the pebbles from the other penguin's nest. He brought the house down. So I thought I'd share few penguin books you might like.

I bought Hide-and-Seek Penguins by Fiona Watt and Lesley Danson for my 2-year-old a few weeks ago and it's really cute. It's a lift-the-flap and counting book with really sweet illustrations and textures too. Joe loves it.

365 Penguins by Jean-Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet is a classic and it's glorious. It's about a family who find a penguin mysteriously delivered to their door every day for a year. At first the family is quite pleased and intrigued, but soon they find the penguins hard to look after - where do they even put them? They come up with some creative - and very entertaining - storage methods.

The illustrations are fab - the expressions (or lack of) on the face of the penguins are hilarious and the book even has a global warming message (but it's not too heavy-handed...).

Of course there's also Me... by Emma Dodd, which we've reviewed already and is just gorgeous.

And I know this isn't a book - although there is a book as well - but I was really surprised at how entertaining this new film is. It's sweet and very funny and the penguins are highly entertaining.

If you are interested in the book - also called, perhaps unsurprisingly, Mr Popper's Penguins and written by Richard & Florence Atwater - I'd say it's definitely worth a read, but it's very old-fashioned and my 7-year-old lost interest pretty quickly.

What's your favourite penguin book?

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