Tuesday, 22 November 2011

10 Minute Tales: Postman Pat - The Wind Machine

I can't remember where we first picked up one of these 10 Minute Tales - it may even have been the supermarket - but we've bought a few now and my boys both love them.

The really fun thing about them is that on the left page you have the story told in relative detail, which is great for reading aloud or for a more confident reader to read by themselves, and then on the facing page there's a short summary for a newer reader to read alone (or for me to read to my 2-year-old when I can't be bothered reading the full story).

Obviously once the less confident reader progresses, they'll be able to read the full story and I think the fact that they will be able to see their own progress - from the 'beginner' page to the 'advanced' - will probably do wonders for their confidence.

We've got the Postman Pat story pictured above and a couple of the Fireman Sam books, so the stories aren't anything very exciting - they stick pretty closely to the TV stories - but my boys enjoyed that too, since they're already familiar with the stories.

We'll definitely be buying more, but I hope the publishers branch out into original stories at some point too.

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