Tuesday, 19 July 2011

It's A Book by Lane Smith

I'm not usually much of a fan of book trailers, but this one made me laugh out loud and immediately order the book.

I absolutely love it. I love the idea behind it, I love the illustrations, it still makes me laugh even though I've read it a few times now and it makes my boys laugh too. There's just one thing... The characters are a mouse, an ape and a donkey who's described as a "jackass". The last line of the book - spoiler alert! - is "It's a book, jackass."

Funny, yes. But not something I particularly wanted my 7-year-old to start saying. Just imagine it: Harry, at school, reading. His teacher asks, "What have you got there?" and Harry answers, "It's a book, jackass." *shudder* So I told Harry that as well as being a word for a donkey, "jackass" was a naughty word and one he really shouldn't repeat outside of reading this particular book. Since then, he's refused to read it and calls it "the book with the naughty word."

Fortunately, the 2-year-old is less sensitive...

So. Watch the trailer. If you love it, you'll love the book. Naughty words aside, I highly recommend it.


  1. This trailer cracked me up although I think that it went over my 3yo's head! I know what you mean about the potential cringe factor they are such little parrots!

  2. They absolutely are. But it is a lovely book. Thanks for commenting. :)